Dog Food Recall List (Updated)

Dog food is the single most important item that you will buy and give to your pet for their health and well-being. It will also most likely have the biggest impact on your wallet. In 2007 there was a massive recall that affected pets worldwide due to a contaminant called melamine that was found in certain brands, with some organizations putting the death toll in the thousands.

Recalled dog food, while rare can be a serious thing. Recalls can happen 1 of 3 ways:

  • Company initiates a recall
  • FDA request
  • FDA order by its own authority

If you have a food complaint you would like to report you can do so here. We’ve compiled a dog food recall list, that identifies items defected, the date, and the brand company behind the recall.

2017 Recalls

Wellness Beef
Company: WellPet
Reason: Elevated Beef Thyroid Hormone
Product: Wellness 95% Beef Topper for Dogs
Lot Codes: Best-By 02 FEB 19, 29 AUG 19
WellPet company out of Massachusetts has initiated a voluntary recall of one of its wet food products: 13.2 oz. Beef Topper for Dogs. The reason is that the product may contain heightened levels of the naturally occurring beef thyroid hormone. Instead of lot numbers, you can check the Best-by dates on the bottom of the cans. FDA link.

Evangers Recall
Company: Evanger’s Dog Food Co.
Reason: Pentobarbital
Product: Hunk of Beef & Braised Beef
Lot Codes:
Evanger’s Pet Food company is expanding on its voluntary recall that was issued just 1 month ago. The potential of the drug Pentobarbital found in its product is the reason for the recall. The company states it wants 100% of its products 100% safe. FDA link.

Feb. 17, 2017
FDA Cautions Pet Owners Against Dog Foods Adulterated with Pentobarbital – FDA Announcement

Canned Pull Beef
Company: Against the Grain Pet Food
Reason: Pentobarbital
Product: Against the Grain Pulled Beef with Gravy Dinner for Dogs
Lot Codes: 2415E01ATB12
Against the Grain Pet Food company voluntary recalled one its products manufactured in December 2015. Isolated to 1 lot and distributed only to Maryland and Washington State, the affected canned food has the possible presence of Pentobarbital. FDA link.

Blue Buffalo Chicken Dinner Dog Food
Company: Blue Buffalo
Reason: Aluminum Metal Contamination
Product: Blue Buffalo Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables 12.5oz
Lot Codes: UPC: 8-40243-10017-0
Blue Buffalo just recalled one of its wet dog food products “Chicken Dinner and Garden Vegetables” 12.5 ounce cans. The stated reason is possible aluminum metal during the production process as notified by one if its suppliers. There have been no incidents or illnesses so far. Blue Buffalo Statement link.

Grreat Choice Dog Food
Company: Grreat Choice Dog Food
Reason: Metal Contamination
Product: Grreat Choice Chicken & Rice Classic Ground, 13.2 oz. cans
Lot Codes: 1759338
Grreat Choice Dog Food owned by PetSmart was voluntary recalled its product as precaution for any possible metal contaminants in its canned dog food. The date range of the recalled product falls between October 10, 2016 and February 7, 2107. FDA link.

Evangers Hunk of Beef Recall
Company: Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Co.
Reason: Contaminant Pentobarbital
Product: 12oz. Hunk of Beef
Lot Codes: 1816E03HB, 1816E04HB, 1816E06HB, 1816E07HB, and 1816E13HB
A voluntary recall by Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company due to a potential contaminant found in 12 oz. cans Hunk of Beef Au Jus. The contaminant is Pentobarbital which can cause side effects of dizziness, nausea, and possible death. There were a total of 15 states included that may be affected through retail or online sales. 5 dogs have been reported ill and 1 passed away with lot #1816E06HB13. FDA link.

Turkey Raw Food Recall
Company: Blue Ridge Beef
Reason: Salmonella and Listeria
Product: 2lbs. Turkey Bone Chub frozen product
Lot Codes: #mfd 12716 / UPC 854298001887
Family owned natural and raw food company, Blue Ridge Beef, just announced another voluntary recall of one of its frozen products. The frozen product Turkey with Bone 2lb. chub is at risk to contain Listeria. 4 states involved with this recall include North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. FDA link.

2016 Recalls

Blue Ridge Beef Recall
Company: Blue Ridge Beef
Reason: Salmonella and Listeria
Product: 2lbs. Beef Chubs frozen product
Lot Codes: #mfd ga8516 / UPC 8542980011009
Recall initiated by the company after 2 complaints were submitted to the FDA on 2 frozen products: Beef for dogs and Kitten grind. Potential for products to contain Salmonella or/and Listeria, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. States involved with the recall included North & South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, and Texas. FDA link.

Cesar Filet Mignon Recall
Company: Cesar
Reason: Plastic pieces in food
Product: Cesar Classics Filet Mignon Flavor
Lot Codes: 631FKKC and 631GKKC / UPC 23100017792
Voluntary recall initiated by company Mars Petcare, with the potential of plastic pieces entering the food during production. No reports of injuries or injuries have been claimed. This product was distributed throughout the United States. FDA link.

Addiction Dog Food Recall
Company: Addiction Dog Foods
Reason: Elevated levels of Vitamins
Product: New Zealand Brushtail/Venison Canned Dog Food
Lot Codes: 8936 & 8940 / UPC 8 885004 070028 & 8 885004 070462
Addiction Foods of Kent, WA, is voluntarily recalling 2 of its New Zealand wet dog foods. Specifically the New Zealand Brushtail & Vegetable Entree and the New Zealand Vension & Apples Entree. The stated reason was because of higher than normal Vitamin A levels and a disproportionate Calcium/Phosphorous ratio. Addiction Foods focuses on a proprietary pet food formulation that is nutrient dense, easy to digest, and high in natural foods. Dog Food Advisor Link.

Blue Buffalo Dry Food Recall
Company: Blue Buffalo Dog Food
Reason: Moisture & Mold
Product: Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula (Fish & Sweet Potato)
Batch: AH 2A 12:08-14:00
Blue Buffalo has announced a voluntary recall of one of its Life Protection Formula dry food products. It covers just a single batch of production and was recalled because of high amounts of mold and moisture found in the packaging. Dog Food Advisor Link.

Duck Batch Sliders Recall
Company: Smallbatch Pets Dog Food
Reason: Salmonella & Listeria
Product: 3lbs. Frozen Duck Batch Sliders
Lot & UPC: CO27 / UPC 713757339001
Voluntary recall issued by Smallbatch Pets Inc., of its Frozen Dog Food Duck Batch Sliders. Eighty cases were sold and distributed to stores and retailers in four states of California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. The reason was possible contamination due to salmonella and listeria. FDA Link.

Fromm dog food recall
Company: Fromm Family Foods
Reason: Contain excessive vitamin D levels
Product: Gold Chicken Pate, Chicken & Duck, Salmon & Chicken Pate
Lot & UPC: 11893 & 11895 & 11891 / UPC 72705 11892 & 72705 11894 & 72705 11890
Family owned artisan pet food company, Fromm Family Foods, recently announced a voluntary recall of some of its canned dog food product lines. Test analysis indicates higher levels of vitamin D in test batches. Although no sickness or injuries has been reported, this is a precautionary measure taken by the company. Fromm Statement Link.

Purina Dog Food Recall
Company: Purina
Reason: Vitamin & mineral levels off
Product: Purina Beneful and Pro Plan Wet Dog Food
Production Code: Range 5363 – 6054
Purina has voluntarily recalled 3 of its wet dog food products. These are the 10oz food tubs: Beneful Prepared Meals, Beneful Chopped Blends, and Prop Plan Savory Meals due to mismatched levels of vitamins and minerals contained therein. Purina Statement Link.

Vital Essentials Recall
Company: Vital Essentials
Reason: Salmonella
Product: Vital Essentials Frozen Chicken Patties Entree for Dogs
#11475 / UPC 33211 00807
Voluntary recall by Carnivore Meat Company out of Wisconsin due to possible Salmonella bacteria. Just a single lot is involved in the 6lb. frozen chicken patties dog food. 6 states were affected; California, Florida, Georgia, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington. Vital Essentials Statement Link.

Big Dog Natural Recall
Company: Big Dog Natural Food
Reason: Salmonella & Listeria
Product: Big Dog Natural Chicken/Fish Supreme
Ship Dates: 10/31/2015 – 11/13/2015
Big Dog Natural out of New Jersey, has recalled 2 product lines with possible Salmonella in the Chicken Supreme and Listeria in its Fish Supreme dehydrated dog food. Salmonella can be a serious illness causing fever, cramping, vomiting, and nausea. This only affected online customers that had their product shipped during the specified dates. FDA Link.

This list will continue to be updated with new dog food recalls. Be sure to bookmark this page to be up to date on any potential notices!

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